Transportation To and From Incheon Airport

If you have been following my South Korea posts, you know by now how much I love public transportation in Seoul. The options are numerous and cheap. Whatever you’re comfortable with, there is sure to be an option for you.

Incheon Airport is not anywhere near Seoul. It is in an island more than an hour away from Downtown Seoul by car. Luckily enough for us travelers, we can take a pick from a plethora of choices for every budget. There is the airport bus, train, taxi or hired cars. For the purpose of this blog we will discuss going on a train and an airport taxi.

I knew I was arriving late into Seoul around 11PM. My friend, having arrived at 8PM, waited for me for a few hours. The plane I was on (Singapore Airlines) actually arrived about an hour early. But the line going through Immigration for Foreign Passport Holders was quite long. I wanted to take the train into Downtown Seoul and take a taxi to Myeongdong. But alas, that was not to be. The last train had left Incheon Airport by the time I collected my luggage.

Seoul South Korea Taxi Incheon Airport
Happy smiles after long hours of waiting, feeling safe and warm in the taxi!

I had a back-up plan though, an expensive one! Me and Krish met before exiting the terminal and requested an airport taxi to our destination. It was 65,000 Won for a trip to Myeongdong. All we did was go to the taxi booth inside the terminal and gave the address to the clerk. She gave us the price and we agreed to it. We knew this was not the cheapest option. But at the time, we were out of choices as it was late and all we wanted to do was be comfortable and arrive safe. The driver spoke some English so it was not too bad. The driver will pick you up from the booth and take your luggage to be loaded on his taxi.

AREX Train Seoul South Korea
Just enjoying our last train ride together in South Korea

As for the day I took Krishna to the airport and picked up Ran to go back to Seoul, we used the Airport Express Train or AREX. It runs between Seoul Station and Incheon Airport. There are also two kinds: the Express and the All-Stop train. We took the Express train both ways and at the time the one-way fare was 8,000 Won. It may have gone back to its original price of 14,800 Won as of the time of writing this article.

AREX Train Seoul South Korea
Tickets were discounted when we were there in November! 8,000 Won per person!

I love the AREX because it was quick and comfortable. There was plenty of space for the luggage and free WiFi!

AREX Train Seoul South Korea
Inside of an AREX Train Car
AREX Train Seoul South Korea
Designated space for luggage
AREX Train Seoul South Korea
Who does not love Free WiFi?
AREX Train Seoul South Korea
Footrest! Perfect for my short legs
AREX Train Seoul South Korea
Going back to Seoul Staion and staying for 2 more days!

When we left for Incheon for the last time, we booked a taxi through Funtastic Korea. It costs about 57,000 Won. The reason we chose this option was because we had to leave at 4AM for an 8AM flight to Manila. And with the amount of luggage we had, it was going to be hard for us to commute. I booked this one even before I left the US.

It took a lot of planning before I decided about our transportation to and from the airport. We considered a lot of factors before finalizing it. In the end, it came to down to comfort and safety.

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