Seoul Searching Day Five

When I first brought up to Ran that I was going to Seoul for a few days before rendezvousing with him in the Philippines, he immediately told me that there was going to be an itinerary change. He decided to stay a couple of days in Seoul with me. I asked him right away what he wanted to do in Seoul for those two days. All he said was “Namsan Tower” and “Korean food”.

Ran is a total Korean drama and food addict. It is hard for him to watch a Running Man food special without craving Korean food. Most of the time we end up eating Ramen at home though. So, somehow I expected himĀ  to envy my itinerary. Luckily though, I have not bought the plane tickets yet when I told him. That would have been an expensive mistake.

Seoul South Korea Paris Baguette Myeongdong
I don’t understand why there was an iced Americano on that cold day.

After eating breakfast at Paris Baguette, we walked up the hilly streets from Myeongdong Station to the Cable Car Entrance of N Seoul Tower. The price for a one-way ticket for an adult was 6,000 Won. A lot of Korean dramas were shot there that is why it is very popular with tourists.

Seoul South Korea Namsan N Seoul Tower Cable Car
Entrance to the Cable Car

Seoul South Korea Namsan N Seoul tower

Seoul South Korea Namsan N Seoul Tower
Lovelocks and the Lovebirds
Seoul South Korea Namsan N Seoul Tower
This beautiful view of Seoul from the N Seoul Tower

Seoul South Korea Namsan N Seoul Tower

Gyeongbokgung Palace was our next stop. Although, I have been there the first day I was in Seoul, I insisted that we pass by. A visit to King Sejong’s statue in Gwanghwamun Square is a must on our list.

Seoul South Korea Gwanghwamun Square King Sejong

Seoul South Korea Gyeongbokgung Palace

Seoul South Korea Gyeongbokgung Palace
I did not know the ceremony was about to start and he gave me THE look
Seoul South Korea Gyeongbokgun Palace
We like big doors!

Our original plan for lunch was the Dosirak Cafe in Tong-in Market. In this cafe, you pay 5,000 Won and get 10 yeopjeons (brass coins) in exchange. The coins then will be used to purchase food throughout the market. I have read a lot of trip reports reviewing this market and I got so excited. Unfortunately, the cafe was closed that day. Some stores were open though, specially the most important one. Right in the middle of the market is a store that was featured on TV multiple times. They sell this popular oil-fried spicy tteokpokki (rice cake). It was really spicy and amazingly delicious. Our disappointment went away after having one serving.

Seoul South Korea Tongin Market
Entrance to Tongin Market
Seoul South Korea Tongin Market
We waited a few minutes to be able to sit. There was also some seats inside.
Seoul South Korea Tongin Market Street Food
Fried Spicy Rice Cake! FTW!

Since our lunch idea did not happen, I took Ran to Oppadak in Myeongdong for proper “chimaek” or chicken and beer. Of course, I did not have beer or I would not be able to make it to our next stop: Cookin’ Nanta!

Seoul South Korea Oppadak Chimaek Myeongdong
Chimaek = Chicken + Maekju (beer)

Cookin’ Nanta is a play that is for the most part non-verbal. The story is about three chefs preparing for a wedding feast when the manager adds his niece to the line-up and everything went chaotic. This was a fun show because it involves different techniques like magic tricks, acrobatics, mime and audience participation. Although Ran and I were tired from touring around all day, we did not feel sleepy at all. I highly recommend this activity for everyone. They occasionally run ticket sales on their website and there is no need to book through a third party. We paid about $50 for two tickets in the balcony, printed the confirmation and arrived about 30 minutes before the show to exchange for our tickets.

Dinner was at Haha’s 401 BBQ restaurant , still in Myeondong. Haha is a Running Man member and we have been a fan for too long and not visiting his restaurant would be a shame. His restaurant was, of course, Jamaican-themed. It runs a little bit on the expensive side (at least for us). But at least there was good music(?). After all, we did it for the experience with the hope we’ll run into him. Lol.

Seoul South Korea 401 Haha Myeongdong
This was about $40 worth of BBQ
Seoul South Korea 401 Haha Myeongdong
The closest I got to Haha

Myeongdong is street food heaven and we would not go home until we had our hands on some of them.

Seoul South Korea Street Food Myeongdong
The kind owner volunteered this display for me to take a picture of. He’s the one in the pink apron. Thank you, Sir!
Seoul South Korea Strr=eet Food Myeongdong
We tried a variety of these yummy fishcakes with sausages

And that is exactly how our day ended! Seoul’s street food is unbelievable. Just thinking about it right now is enough for me to salivate. Excuse me!

Don’t miss out on our first four days (Day One, Two, Three & Four) and find out what I instantly loved about Seoul!

Seoul South Korea Namsan N Seoul Tower
Lovelocks…. and me!

Seoul South Korea Namsan N Seoul Tower




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