Paris Is Always A Good Idea

Paris is (almost) everyone’s dream destination. And it was easy to see why. There is just a little bit of everything in Paris.

As for me, I was interested in its history, art, and of course, Disneyland! And while we were there for a whopping three days, we were able to get a taste of Paris.

We stayed at a 1-bedroom apartment in a secured building across from the Eiffel Tower. We debated back and forth about where to stay. There was a lot of choices from AirBnB. The apartments with the view of Eiffel Tower were, of course, exorbitant. That was a given. But we could have chosen to stay further away, paid less and be sad that we did not see the Eiffel Tower everyday. LOL. The aparment we rented was right across the Champ de Mars and close to the trains.

Paris Christmas Market Eiffel Tower France

On our first day, we walked around the neighborhood and did a quick stop at the mini grocery right beside our building. Got some essentials like water, soda and some snacks. We walked across the street and posed in front of the famous tower.

Paris Christmas Market Eiffel Tower France
We were here almost twice a day because we loved perusing through their shelves
Paris Christmas Market Eiffel Tower France
With my travel buddies in front of this famous tower

Lunch was at Firmine near our apartment. They serve a variety of European cuisine. We all ordered a pasta dish each and shared an order of pizza.


I have good news. Paris has Uber. And we utilized their service. I am all for using public transportation. But in our case, since there was four of us, it did not make much difference in fare whether we used public transportation or Uber. And if you use Uber, most of the time you get dropped of right in front of your destination.

Paris Christmas Market Eiffel Tower France
Our first Paris Uber ride was a Jaguar and the driver looked like he just walked out of a GQ Photoshoot

Such was the case when we visited Notre Dame de Paris (Our Lady of Paris). We were able to tour the interior of the Church. But there was a bit of a line to climb the tower. So, we decided not to do that.

Paris Christmas Market Eiffel Tower France
I was waiting on Quasimodo outside the Notre Damu du Paris

After saying our prayers, we walked past the Latin Quarter and headed straight to skincare haven, City-Pharma! If you are interested in French Skincare Products and not afraid of crowds, this is the place to go to. I read reviews that says products here are cheaper compared to other pharmacies. I cannot verify that because I only went to one place. I can say though that they are definitely cheaper than buying them online here in the US.

Next stop was the Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees. It was so pretty walking along the lit-up trees. We walked all the way to the Christmas Market. Eventhough we were tired, the market brought as back to life with its enticing goodies.

Paris Christmas Market Eiffel Tower France
The Arc de Triomphe lit up at night
Paris Christmas Market Eiffel Tower France Champs Elysees
Ran making sure I did not run away to shop along Champs Elysees
Paris Christmas Market Eiffel Tower France
Christmas Market in Paris

We capped off our night by visiting the Eiffel Tower in all it sparkling glory!

Paris Christmas Market Eiffel Tower France


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